Residential Propane Delivery Options 

Auto-Fill Program


Attention Residential Propane Customers


Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have One Less Thing to Keep Track of?


If you are tired of always having to check your residential propane tank and calling us whenever you need a refill…then this message is for you.

Enjoy the convenience of automatically scheduled refills and never running out of propane


Here’s how this works…


Enroll in Auto-Fill and Dale Gas & Oil will monitor your consumption of propane to accurately determine when deliveries are automatically scheduled.


Just imagine:

  • You no longer have to call us every time you need more propane.

  • You no longer need to keep checking your tank all winter.

  • You will never run out of propane – especially during the cold winter months.

  • You no longer have to worry about after hours and same day service charges.


And the best part…


Customers on Auto-Fill will automatically receive the 300 gallon price

regardless of the number of gallons delivered*

*Does not apply to 120 gallon or smaller tanks


Using a formula called Degree Day Technology, we are able to schedule deliveries based on weather conditions and fuel load (the number of appliances using propane).


Auto-Fill is about accurately delivering propane based on your individual household needs.  Degree Day Technology tells us when you need propane and when we need to schedule delivery


Auto-Fill is NOT intended for customers who use secondary heat sources such as pellet stoves, wood burners, geo-thermal heat or solar heat.


All Auto-Fill customers are required to keep their account balance current.


Auto-Fill is continuous and perpetual – which means you may receive delivery during the off season.    You will remain on auto-fill until you request to change.


Enrolling With Auto-Fill is Quick, Easy & Convenient – Call us Today


Simply Call Dale Gas and Oil at 920.779.6666  Monday - Friday