Commercial Propane Solutions

Dale Gas & Oil is your premier provider of propane and dedicated to serving your unique commercial needs.
Contact Doug or Chris at 920.779.6666 for a service consultation for your specific propane requirements.
The following is a list of examples of propane solutions that we provide to business throughout Northeast Wisconsin:
  • Forklift propane – forklift propane cylinders and forklift propane tank exchange.
  • Mower propane – propane cylinder exchange and delivery for golf course mowers and landscaping equipment
  • Irrigation Pump propane -  propane is the affordable, clean-burning alternative to diesel and electric irrigation engines.
  • Propane Autogas – Clean Fleet Fuel – fleet propane for trucks, vans and buses.
  • Space Heating – propane patio heaters and propane space heaters for events.
  • Food Service propane – propane for food trucks, restaurants and catering.
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange – for BBQ Gas, forklift propane tanks and floor buffer tanks.
  • Temporary Construction Heating – propane heating systems for painting and drywall contractors.
  • Crop Drying – propane fueled crop driers for seasonal crop processing.
  • Dairy Water Heating – propane for dairy farms & large capacity water heaters.
Reliable & dependable Propane solutions for your business
Call Doug or Chris at 920.779.6666 for a service consultation for your specific propane requirements.
We can provide you with a:
  Custom quote for your propane requirements
  Comparison of our solutions with your current provider
  Customized solutions tailored to your specific needs
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