Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines

No matter what type of motorsport you are involved in - count on Dale Gas & Oil

No Matter what type of motorsport you are involved in, you can rely on Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines, first lap and every lap.
Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines are refined to meet the needs of all types of motorsports from the professional racer to the weekend enthusiast.
Everyone at Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines is committed to providing a consistent, high-quality race gasoline that competitors can count on for all motorsports applications.

Turbo Blue 110

Turbo Blue 110 Octane Race Gasoline has the high energy content, smooth distillation range and low vaper pressure necessary for carbureted, fuel-injected, super charged and turbo charged racing engines.
Ideal for compression ratios up to 14:1.
110 Octane
Not Oxygenated
Fuel Properties

Turbo Blue Extreme  116

Turbo Blue Extreme 116 Octane racing gasoline is refined for race engines that demand high octane gasoline.
Turbo Blue Extreme can be used in Pro-stock drag, Sprint Car, Motorcycle, NTPA track pulling and offshore powerboat race applications utlizing compression ratios in excess of 15:1.  
116 Octane
Not Oxygenated
Fuel Properties 
Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines are available at our store in Dale WI. 
For delivery options, call Doug at 920.779.6666 or at dalegas1964@gmail.com.

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