Gas, Diesel & Heating Oil

As one of the major segments of our business, Dale Gas & Oil handles Premium On Road and Off Road Diesel fuel for the farm, trucking needs, construction and industrial applications. All of our On Road Diesel Fuel is Ultra Low Sulfur and is compatible with all diesel engines, including post 2008 engines.


Dale Gas & Oil uses Schaeffer’s Premium Diesel Fuel additives in all our diesel fuels.  This gives our customers all of the benefits of Premium Diesel Fuel. These benefits include: a higher cetane level, improved horsepower, better fuel mileage, and continuous bacterial and moisture control. Schaeffer’s Winter Premium additives are used in the winter months for optimal flow and moisture control. 

If storage equipment is needed, give us a call and we can match the right sized equipment for your needs and install it at your location according to state codes. Whether the minimum of a 150 gallons is needed or an entire transport load, we have the product you need at competitive prices delivered right to you.

All of Dale Gas & Oil gasolines contain no ethanol.  It is 100% pure gasoline. Never had ethanol and will continue to carry 100% gasoline as long as it is available. If 87 octane is not enough kick, try our 92 Octane Premium Unleaded. We deliver!