Dale Gas & Oil is proud to introduce our very own Pure Blue Top Tier Gasolines.
Available in 87 & 91 Octane levels, Pure Blue Top Tier Gasoline is our very own proprietary blend of additives, detergents, and gasoline designed specifically to provide you with the highest quality fuel for your vehicle.
Specially formulated, these additives and detergents
   Boost octane 
   Clean engines 
   Increase fuel mileage 
   Enhance vehicle power and performance
Pure Blue Top Tier Gasolines are ethanol free and available exclusively at Dale Gas & Oil.
Not all gasoline is the same.  So don't trust your vehicle to just any fuel.
The right fuel can make all the difference  in your engines performance and helping your car run smoother, longer, cleaner, and more efficient.
Stop in to Dale Gas & Oil today and see the difference for yourself.
Why Pure Blue Top Tier Gasolines?
Cleans Injectors
Increase Fuel Lubricity
Boost Horsepower
Improve Fuel Economy
Increase Engine Performance
Promotes Smoother Idling
Improves Drivability
Reduces Emissions
Stabilizes Fuel During Storage