Dale Gas & Oil AutoGas


Propane AutoGas powers over 23 million vehicles worldwide.

Everyday, more and more businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles are switching from gasoline to AutoGas.

It’s less expensive than gasoline and offers significant reductions in harmful emissions and is quick and easy to implement.

With a single point of contact Dale Gas & Oil provides:

  • The help you need to figure out if AutoGas makes sense for your fleet

  • Everything your fleet needs to make the shift to autogas easy and affordable

  • Ongoing support to make sure your AutoGas program is successful

Benefits of Using AutoGas

Fleets using propane vehicles save on fuel costs. AutoGas costs substantially less per gallon than gasoline.


For fleets interested in maximizing cost savings by using propane 100 percent of the time, or for organizations required to operate exclusively on alternative fuels, dedicated conversion systems are a great fit.


Beyond the fuel cost savings and the benefits of having an on-site fueling station, fleets that use AutoGas are significantly reducing their carbon footprint, since AutoGas is an approved alternative fuel that can reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 percent compared to gasoline or diesel.


 For more information about converting your fleet from gasoline to AutoGas 
contact Doug at 920.779.6666 or
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