Service Pro products are designed to provide the professional installer with quality products, equal in performance to the major national brands, but at very competitive prices.  
From motor oils, lubricants, and antifreeze to filters, chemicals, and accessory parts, Service Pro has what you need to get the job done.
Dale Gas & Oil stocks the following Service Pro Products and has access to most of the Service Pro line of products.
5W-30 Syn Blend in 55 gallon drums
10W-30 Syn Blend in 55 gallon drums
Winter & Summer Grade Bar and Chain Oil
Available in E-Pac (24 quart bag lined box
    OW-20 Dexos
    5W-20 Synthetic Blend
    5W-30 Synthetic Blend
    10W-30 Synthetic Blend
Stop into our store in Dale or call us at 920.779.6666 for pricing and product information on Service Pro Products