Propane vs. Electricity

Learn why propane wins hands down!

propane vs electricityWhen we think of providing power to our appliances, we usually think about electricity. But it’s time to rethink, thanks to propane providing environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and better performance!

There are many appliances in a northeast Wisconsin home for which propane is a better option than electricity. With reliable propane delivery and service from Dale Gas & Oil, no matter where you live in our service area you can enjoy these benefits!

Energy efficiency

Propane produces far more Btu’s (British thermal units, a measured unit of heat) per dollar than electricity. You can save on both heating and water costs, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Environmental friendliness

As municipal powers and states push for homes using electricity for all appliances, including heaters and water heaters, you might be surprised to learn how electricity is not as “clean” as they claim. Nearly 50% of all the electricity generated in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants. Electricity generation is a top contributor to greenhouse gases, behind only transportation. Propane burns much more cleanly, as it creates close to zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

Improved comfort

Propane water heaters heat more water faster than their electric counterparts, and propane tankless water heaters give you endless hot water whenever you need it, for however long you need it. Propane clothes dryers are up to 25% faster than electric models, and your laundry comes out with fewer wrinkles.

In the kitchen, propane makes cooking easier and more fun. That’s because propane ranges give you the kind of precise, instant temperature control that no electric range ever can. A propane fireplace provides cozy, inviting warmth with no work needed.

Head into the backyard and propane is a versatile energy source that can not only be used to grill meals, but also to heat pools and spas faster and with greater efficiency. Outdoor living areas can be enhanced with propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, insect traps and lighting. A propane whole-house backup generator lets you keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

Enjoy the benefits of propane in your home with the reliable delivery and courteous service of Dale Gas & Oil! Become a customer today.