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Commercial Propane Services in Winchester, Fremont and Shiocton, WI & nearby communities

Dale Gas & Oil is your reliable propane company

propanePropane is a great resource for all kinds of northeast Wisconsin businesses. Its energy and versatility boost productivity and profitability.

Dale Gas & Oil is the region’s leading provider of commercial propane services. We create customized delivery schedules and expertly install commercial propane tanks.

Propane: The hospitality industry’s best friend

Tourism brings more than $22 billion in to the State’s economy each year. No small part of that money comes to northeast Wisconsin. Propane can help your hotel, resort, restaurant, golf course, supper club or event center operate more efficiently while enhancing your services.

In restaurants, supper clubs, food trucks, bakeries and commercial kitchens, propane powers cooktops, ovens, broilers, water heaters, warming trays and more, helping staff to create large amounts of food while keeping the quality high.

Propane is used in many ways at hotels, resorts and golf courses. It provides high-efficiency heating and water heating. Propane commercial clothes dryers get laundry dry 25% faster than comparable electric dryers, with less wear and fewer wrinkles, making work faster and more efficient for housekeeping staff. Outdoors, propane is used for grills and outdoor fireplaces and firepits, creating great spaces for guests to gather.

Golf-course management loves propane commercial mowers, because they are cost-effective and easier on engine parts. With no heavy exhaust fumes, they’re safer for workers. Refueling mowers is also quicker and easier with propane: Just swap out the empty cylinder for a full one and you’re back on the job! Our propane-cylinder-refill service makes it easy to keep full cylinders on hand.

Other ways propane is good for businesses

Farm animals are kept warm and safe in their barns with propane heaters and water heaters. Propane heaters also protect crops in greenhouses. Propane is perfect for powering irrigation equipment, crop dryers, orchard heaters and more on the farm. Propane flame weed control is a safer, more environmentally friendly and effective alternative to chemical herbicides.

In warehouses and retail businesses, as well as on construction sites, propane forklifts offer many advantages thanks to how cleanly they burn, their ability to be used both indoors and outside, and their power.

With propane temporary heating, construction sites don’t need electricity to stay safe for workers during our frigid northeast Wisconsin winters. Work can continue while materials are protected from the damage cold can cause.

We service Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Northern Calumet, Northeastern Waushara and Southern Shawano Counties. Get reliable propane services for your business. Contact Dale Gas & Oil today to get started!