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Propane Delivery in Northeast Wisconsin

Dale Gas & Oil Company is here for you!

propane deliveryHave you noticed that many homes in your corner of northeast Wisconsin are using propane?

Propane is a versatile fuel that can’t be beat for energy efficiency. It heats our homes and our water, provides precise and instant temperature control for cooking, makes having a fire in the fireplace as easy as pushing a button, gets our laundry dry faster than electric dryers, keeps unheated spaces warm with space heaters, gives us security with propane whole-house backup generators, and makes our backyards a destination with propane grills, deck and patio heaters, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, insect traps, and pool and spa heaters.

When it comes to getting the propane for all those benefits, many of your neighbors know to turn to Dale Gas & Oil. We have been the region’s leader in dependable fuel delivery since 1946.

We’ve kept our high standards for reliability and use the latest in technology to make sure our customers always have the propane they need to keep their homes comfortable.

Get peace of mind with Autofill

A popular and convenient choice for our customers is the Autofill automatic-propane-delivery program. Why? Because you get your propane with no work and no worries! When scheduling your propane delivery, we use your historic propane usage and current conditions to ensure that the delivery is set to arrive before you run low. This convenience and peace of mind is yours for FREE!

Want on-the-nose accuracy? Ask us about wireless propane-tank monitoring!

If you prefer to purchase propane through our Will-Call option, please fill out our form for requesting delivery. However, it is your responsibility to monitor your propane usage. We recommend not letting your tank get below 30% full before requesting a delivery of propane.

For emergency propane deliveries, call our 24-hour hotline right away. When you call us, you get one of our courteous, responsive, local employees who will make sure you get propane as soon as possible.

From Greenville to Clintonville and all over northeast Wisconsin, Dale Gas & Oil is your local source for outstanding propane delivery. Become a customer today!