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Switch to Propane

Dale Gas & Oil Company makes it easy!

easy to switchIf you’re looking to add propane to your home for heating and other appliances, or are looking for a propane company, we make becoming a Dale Gas & Oil customer easy! Just fill out the Become a Customer form, and we’ll get in touch with you to start the process. We’ll make sure that we have complete information about your propane needs and that they are met, whether it’s propane tanks or the delivery service you prefer.

Why make the switch to propane?

Propane is a secure, efficient and versatile fuel that provides many benefits for northeast Wisconsin homes like yours. Those benefits include:

  • Energy-efficient home heating
  • fast, efficient water heating
  • better cooking with spot-on temperature control
  • the comfort and safety that come with a propane whole-house backup generator
  • a secure energy supply right at your home

What Dale Gas & Oil offers

You get security and peace of mind as a Dale Gas & Oil customer. We put our more than 75 years of experience to work by providing you with:

Have questions about switching to propane? Contact Dale Gas & Oil today to get started!