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Lubricant Sales and Services in Northeast Wisconsin

Dale Gas & Oil has what you need!

lubricantsDoes your business use vehicles, equipment and other machinery? If so, you know that fuels such as gasoline, diesel and propane are only the beginning of what you need to keep them running safely and efficiently.

You also need oils and lubricants. And you need to know that your lubricants supplier will get you what you need promptly and efficiently.

That quality service is why so many northeast Wisconsin businesses trust Dale Gas & Oil! For many years, we have been providing the fuels, oil and lubricants needed to ensure business success with prompt delivery and responsive, courteous service.

Our team of commercial-fuels professionals is ready to go to work for you.

Come to our store and we’ll thoroughly go over your business and your needs when it comes to lubricants for your vehicles and equipment. With that information, we create a service plan tailored to your business. We can deliver both packaged products and bulk deliveries, and everything in between.

Here are some of the products we offer.

Schaeffer specialized lubricants

Schaeffer products are available at our store in quarts and cases. Need barrels or kegs? We’ll order those for you specially!

  • 7000 Syn Plus 15W40
  • 7000 Syn Plus 5W30
  • 7000 Syn Plus 10W30
  • 9000 Full Syn 5W40
  • 9000 Full Syn 5W30
  • 9000 Full Syn 5W20
  • 9000 Full Syn 0W20
  • 7000 Syn Plus 20W50 (Race)
  • 7000 Syn Plus 20W50 (V-Twin)
  • 9000 Full Syn 5W50
  • Neutra fuel additive
  • Diesel Neutra diesel fuel additive

Purus/Service Pro products

We have the following products in stock at our store and can special-order any other Purus or Service Pro products you need.

  • 5W-30 Syn Blend in 55-gallon drums
  • 10W-30 Syn Blend in 55-gallon drums
  • Winter- & summer-grade bar-and-chain oil
  • OW-20 Dexos in E-Pac (24-quart bag-lined box)
  • 5W-20 Synthetic Blend in E-Pac (24-quart bag-lined box)
  • 5W-30 Synthetic Blend in E-Pac (24-quart bag-lined box)
  • 10W-30 Synthetic Blend in E-Pac (24-quart bag-lined box)

PennGrade 1 high-performance oil

We carry these products at our store in both quarts and cases. If you’re looking for another PennGrade 1 product, let us know and we can special-order it for you.

  • 10W30 high-performance oil
  • 20W50 high-performance oil
  • 20W50 motorcycle
  • 30W engine oil
  • 30W break-in oil
  • 50W
  • Multipurpose 80W90
  • Full synthetic 75W90
  • 15W40 racing oil
  • 15W40 diesel truck oil
  • Nitro 70

Shell lubricants

Shell offers a wide range of lubricants, engine oils, greases, power engine oils, and specialty products for machinery such as turbines and transformers. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get it for you if it’s not in stock.

Dale Gas & Oil has the knowledge and experience to take care of all your lubricant needs. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.