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Long-term Fuel-Storage Services in Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Waushara and Shawano Counties

Dale Gas & Oil Company helps you be prepared!

fuel storageAre you ready to take care of your family or home in the event of a disaster?

There are a lot of reasons that you need to be prepared. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed vulnerabilities in our supply chain, and ransomware cyberattacks hit critical fuel-supply lines, creating shortages and raising prices. Geopolitical issues and natural disasters like tornadoes or blizzards are also reasons to look into “prepping”—staying prepared.

Prepping is a much more complex process than simply putting a bunch of canned food and extra toilet paper in the cellar. Instead of making yourself crazy going down the online-video rabbit hole or buying a bunch of products marketed with the intention of separating preppers from their money, come to Dale Gas & Oil for a solution that helps in many ways: long-term fuel storage.

Through Dale Gas & Oil’s longtime relationship with Sunoco for our racing-fuels services, we offer Sunoco Optima. It’s an unleaded and ethanol-free 95-octane gasoline.

But unlike the other gasolines we sell, Sunoco Optima is designed for long-term storage, making it ideal for preppers.

We sell 5-gallon and 55-gallon buckets, and also provide onsite delivery for orders of 500 gallons or more.

Why Sunoco Optima is right for prepping

A mistake many beginning preppers make when it comes to fuel storage is thinking gasolines are all alike. Unfortunately, the regular gasoline we get at the gas station does degrade over time. It’s not a problem when we’re using it in our cars or lawn mowers, as the small amount we buy will be used quickly. But it can create problems with your vehicles and equipment if you try to use it after a year at your home.

When stored in an airtight, opaque fuel container, Sunoco Optima can last more than three years! It is also specially formulated to be easy on gaskets, O-rings and other fuel-system components. It promotes quick mixing with two-stroke oils in both air- and water-cooled applications. You don’t need gasoline stabilizers when using Sunoco Optima. All of this makes Sunoco Optima ideal for your prepping needs.

Why long-term gasoline storage is essential

Gasoline does so much around homes and farms here in northeast Wisconsin. If your regular gasoline supply is disrupted for any reason, having a large amount of Sunoco Optima at your home lets you continue to use essential equipment such as snowblowers, tractors, farm equipment, chainsaws and snowmobiles.

But what is really essential when it comes to prepping is that you’ll have a ready supply for your backup generators. If severe weather knocks out the power at your home, you may not be able to get out for fuel. Having Sunoco Optima on hand provides safety and comfort for you and your loved ones.

Speaking of generators, another option for prepping is a propane whole-house backup generator. Dale Gas & Oil installs propane tanks for those generators and provides dependable propane delivery.​ We also sell and refill propane cylinders for portable generators.

Have questions about prepping and Sunoco Optima? Contact Dale Gas & Oil today to learn what we can do for you!