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Propane Autogas Services in Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Waushara and Shawano Counties, WI

Discover the economic and environmental benefits of this clean-burning fuel

autogasBusinesses all around northeast Wisconsin are looking for a competitive edge. Dale Gas & Oil can help give you that with our propane autogas services.

Autogas is a form of propane that can be used in any combustion engine, such as those found in cars and the heavy equipment used in construction, paving and landscaping.

Municipalities and school districts are also benefiting from the advantages provided by autogas.

Here’s more about how propane gas can work for your business, community or school district.

Why choose autogas?

Fueling fleet vehicles like cars, buses, vans, shuttles and trucks can seem like a full-time job. It’s also expensive.

Propane gas helps make fleet fueling faster and easier.

Running your fleet on autogas is easier than with gasoline or diesel. You don’t have to worry about spillage and the costly cleanup that would follow. Fuel theft is also virtually eliminated, saving you more money.

With an autogas dispensing station at your business and reliable autogas delivery from Dale Gas & Oil, you’ll have a more streamlined process for managing your fleet-fueling costs, as you won’t have to deal with receipts and reimbursements.

Since autogas is an alternative fuel, you may be able to receive state and federal incentives and tax breaks to convert your fleet.

Municipal vehicles such as police cars, trucks and vans can also be run on autogas. In addition to saving taxpayers money on fuel costs, you would also cut down on air pollution and help your municipality protect the environment.

An autogas school bus has reduced wear and tear on its engine, and that reduces maintenance and repair costs. The savings reaped from using autogas can be applied toward teachers, extracurricular activities, and academic support and enrichment programs.

Autogas: Better for the environment

Autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides, and 10% less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline. Using autogas will dramatically reduce your fleet’s greenhouse-gas emissions.

You also benefit from autogas being nontoxic. In the rare event of a leak, there is no damage to the air, water, soil or plant life.

Dale Gas & Oil is the region’s leader in propane autogas services. Contact us today to get started on creating a propane autogas fleet for your business, municipality or school district.