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Residential Fuel Services in Northeast Wisconsin

Dale Gas & Oil is your reliable local fuel company!

residential servicesFor more than 75 years, Dale Gas & Oil has been serving northeast Wisconsin homes with dependable fuel delivery and services that have created generations of loyal customers.

Our standards for reliability and prompt, courteous service have remained high as our fuel services have expanded. We offer many advantages over national fuel companies, as we’re based right here and are locally owned. The outstanding staff at Dale Gas & Oil understand the needs of our customers. Our delivery team knows our service area like the back of their hands and is committed to safe and reliable propane and heating oil delivery.

Propane delivery

Propane’s efficiency and versatility make it an outstanding fuel for home heating, water heating, cooking, and more. With propane delivery you can count on, you can enjoy all those benefits with peace of mind about your propane supply. Our Autofill automatic-delivery program takes the worry out of getting your propane.

Looking to change propane-service providers? Dale Gas & Oil makes it easy to switch!

Propane-tank installation and leasing

If you are converting your home to propane, adding propane appliances to your home, or switching propane providers and need to return your leased tank, a new propane tank is in your future. Our experts will help you choose the right tank, then install it to meet all regulations and safety standards.

We sell and lease propane tanks, so you can choose which way works best for you. With our wireless propane tank monitoring, we always know how much fuel you have, so we can make delivery before you run low.

Heating-oil delivery

If you use heating oil to heat your home, you also get prompt, reliable delivery. You also get the same delivery plan and pricing and payment options as propane customers. In addition, you can get kerosene at our store.

Pricing and payment options

Dale Gas & Oil makes managing your fuel costs a piece of cake. You can choose the pricing and payment options that best fit your needs and your budget. This customization and flexibility give you even more peace of mind.

Propane-cylinder refills

Propane cylinders are great for grills, camp stoves, outdoor cookers, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, insect traps, RVs, tent heaters, and more. Our cylinder-refill service includes our daily $10.88 refill specials for 17 pounds of propane, cylinder recertification, and sales of new, full propane cylinders. We also accept old and damaged cylinders to be junked.

Long-term fuel storage

There are many reasons for long-term fuel storage at your home. You may want a reliable unleaded gasoline supply in the event of extreme weather or shortages. You may have a gasoline-powered standby generator or several portable generators to take care of your home in the event of an outage. You may be planning ahead for emergencies. Whatever your reason, we have the services and the supply you need.

Get propane and heating-oil services you can count on. Become a Dale Gas & Oil customer today!