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Racing Gasoline Services in Northeast Wisconsin

Dale Gas & Oil keeps your racing business moving

racing fuelsRacing is huge here in northeast Wisconsin. Wisconsin International Raceway and USAIR Motorsports Raceway are just two of the many tracks. A day at the races is a great time.

Motorsport businesses know that they need a reliable supply of high-quality racing fuel to stay competitive. That’s why so many of them count on Dale Gas & Oil.

We have a wide range of racing gasolines at our store, located at W9933 State Road 96 in Dale. Racing fuels can generally only be purchased at the store, but we offer special delivery options as well. Contact us for more information.

We also offer long-term fuel-storage solutions.

Our fuels

Our racing-fuel supply is reliable thanks to solid, long-standing relationships with our suppliers. Here’s what we offer.

At the pump:

  • Turbo Blue 110 octane

Sunoco fuels by the barrel or 5-gallon bucket:

  • 95-octane APEX unleaded
  • 95-octane Optima unleaded
  • 98-octane 260 GTX unleaded
  • 100-octane 260 GT unleaded
  • 104-octane 260 GT Plus leaded
  • 105-octane Surge leaded
  • 110-octane Standard leaded
  • 112-octane Supreme leaded
  • 114-octane HCR Plus leaded
  • 116-octane Maximal leaded
racing fuels turbo
fuels sunoco

Why quality matters

In motorsports, the difference between winning and losing is often a fraction of a second. The right fuel can lead to victory. Poor-quality fuel keeps you out of the winner’s circle.

Dale Gas & Oil has long served northeast Wisconsin racers and understands the needs and demands of each type of racing vehicle. It’s why we proudly offer high-quality fuels from Sunoco and Turbo Blue. Each gasoline is formulated to meet the needs of specific engines, from stock cars to drag racers and everything in between. Our racing-fuels experts will thoroughly go over your needs and make sure you get the right fuel for peak performance.

Protect your investment in your racing business. Trust Dale Gas & Oil for your racing-gasoline needs. Contact us to get started.