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Gasoline and Diesel Delivery and Service in Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Waushara and Shawano Counties, WI

Trust Dale Gas & Oil for all your diesel, gasoline and fleet-fueling needs

dieselReliable, personal service is essential when it comes to your business’s diesel and gasoline supply. That’s why businesses all around northeast Wisconsin rely on Dale Gas & Oil to meet their needs.

We have learned over the more than 75 years we’ve been in business that our commercial fuel customers have individual, unique needs for fueling their fleets. For that reason, we customize our fuel-delivery services for each of our customers.

When you need fuel delivered right to your business or job site, we deliver it. The experienced commercial-fuels experts at Dale Gas & Oil customize your fuel delivery, so you get what you need when you need it.

In addition to delivering diesel and gasoline, we also install fuel tanks to meet all local, state and federal standards.

On-road and off-road diesel services

Your vehicles and equipment are major investments in your business. Protect that investment with Dale Gas & Oil’s premium diesel fuels. We add Schaeffer’s premium diesel-fuel additives to all of our diesel fuels. Benefits of those additives include higher centan levels, better horsepower, improved mileage, and nonstop moisture and bacterial control. During the cold season, we use Schaeffer’s winter premium additives to optimize flow and moisture control.

Our on-road diesel is ultra-low in sulfur and is compatible with all engines, including those made after 2008.

Gasoline services

We deliver only Pure Blue Top Tier gasolines, in either 87-octane regular or 91-octane premium. All of our gasolines contain our proprietary blend of gasoline and premium additives and detergents for peak performance from your vehicles and equipment. Benefits of this blend include:

  • cleaner injectors
  • increased fuel lubricity
  • increased horsepower
  • improved fuel economy
  • better engine performance
  • smoother idling
  • better drivability
  • reduced emissions
  • stabilization during storage

Our gasolines are always 100% ethanol-free. You can use them in your commercial mowers, chainsaws and other equipment without worrying about the damage ethanol can cause them.

Keep your vehicles and equipment running with reliable off-road diesel, on-road diesel and gasoline services from Dale Gas & Oil. Contact us to get started.