Make Your Winter Fuel Deliveries Easy & Quick

Written on: January 31, 2022

How to Prepare Your Home for a Heating Oil or Propane Driver

fuel delivery wisconsinThe heating season is upon us, which means that you will likely need to arrange heating fuel deliveries. In northeast Wisconsin, blustery, snowy weather can arrive fast. When it does, Dale Gas & Oil delivery drivers hit the road.

With high demand and rough weather conditions, the winter can be a challenging time to receive fuel at your home. You can help us when bad weather strikes while we’re delivering your propane or heating oil by preparing your home for the driver.

Taking these four steps will make receiving your winter fuel deliveries a breeze!

Make Sure Your House Number is Visible

Before our drivers can fill your tank, they need to find your home. Snow, ice, branches, and early nightfall all make this difficult. Before your delivery, be sure to clear anything blocking your house number and turn on your home’s exterior lights.

Shovel Your Driveway

We know that shoveling snow can be a pain, but it’s imperative that you remove snow from your driveway before our driver arrives. The delivery truck must have safe access to your home. Navigating our trucks on steep or slippery driveways is a common problem. Parking a fuel truck on an incline requires us to secure wheel chocks (the tire wedges that prevent trucks from rolling back), so, when homeowners clear driveways of snow and ice before we arrive, it’s incredibly helpful.

Clear the Way to Your Fill Pipe

Dale Gas & Oil needs to access your inlet valve. You make things easier by clearing a path to it by removing snow, ice, vegetation, and rubbish. Please be sure to unlock your gate or have someone on hand to open it so that we can run the fill hose onto your property.

Order Fuel as Early as Possible or Go Automatic!

The winter is a busy time for both homeowners and home fuel drivers. Our drivers have lots of deliveries. Many customers only notice their tank is low when it’s already quite chilly, and they need to schedule a quick fuel delivery.

No one wants a standard tank fill to become a no-heat emergency, so please call when your fuel tank is no less than a quarter full.

If you want to avoid checking your tank levels altogether, we recommend taking advantage of Dale’s Autofill oil or propane delivery options. As an Autofill customer, you can count on us to track weather conditions and your past fuel usage to determine when you need a delivery.

For over 75 years, Dale Gas & Oil has kept northeast Wisconsin homes warm, safe and comfortable. If you are looking for a courteous, reliable, and hardworking home energy provider, contact us now!