Ready For A High-Efficiency HVAC Upgrade?

Written on: March 28, 2022

Making the Change Can Lower Your Home’s Fuel Costs

hvac upgrade wisconsinHomeowners can be reticent to replace inefficient heating equipment. Whether it’s a struggling boiler or furnace or a tired heating oil tank, old systems can overstay their welcome.

We understand the urge to wring every last bit of use from a home heating system. Replacing this equipment can be expensive, and the cold season isn’t the best time to disrupt your home’s heat. But taking the plunge on new, efficient heating oil storage and equipment is well work the investment.

Not only are there fantastic rebates available to northeast Wisconsin homes looking to upgrade their systems, but you’ll enjoy saving every month from lowered fuel use. And spring is a great time to make the change, with your oil-fired heating system powered down!

How Much Can You Save With an Upgraded System?

To determine your potential savings, consider the efficiency of your current system. How old is it? When was the last time it received maintenance?

An older, unattended boiler or furnace might burn oil inefficiently, sending heat out your chimney instead of into your home. You have the potential to save 20% or more on energy bills when you replace your aging oil-fired furnace or boiler with a more efficient model.

Older oil tanks might have corrosion or bacteria buildup, leading to leaks or blockages. In fact, one of the telltale signs of a failing tank is increased oil consumption. Upgrading to a new, corrosion-proof tank will do wonders for your heating oil budget.

You’ll probably see one more cost-saving benefit: fewer repair bills. A new heating system — paired with a service plan that guarantees regular tune-ups — will heat effectively and break down far less than your old system.

How Do You Choose the Right Equipment?

When you decide to invest in a high-efficiency system or oil tank, you’ll want to talk to a full-service heating oil company like Dale’s Gas & Oil. Our highly-trained, knowledgeable team can help assess your home’s needs and guide you to the best choice.

Additionally, you might qualify for a generous rebate for upgrading to a more efficient heating system. As of this writing, Oilheat Wisconsin is offering discounts of up to $1,000 for Wisconsin homes upgrading their heating systems and oil tanks.

You should act fast to secure these rebates, which are subject to change and only available while funds last.

Dale’s has delivered heating oil and peace of mind for over 75 years! If you’re looking for a heating oil provider who truly values your business, become a customer today.