Track Your Propane Supply On Your Smartphone

Written on: April 25, 2022

A Wireless Tank Monitor Is a Worthy Investment!

propane monitor wisconsinIf you lease a propane tank from Dale Gas & Oil, you already have excellent control over your home’s energy. Having a dedicated fuel storage tank protects you from utility outages, but it has some downsides too.

For example, how many times did you trudge out to your home’s propane tank during the frigid northeast Wisconsin winter to check its gauge?

There’s nothing fun about tromping through snow and ice to make sure you have enough fuel, especially when you discover that you need to arrange an emergency delivery for a near-empty tank. Happily, Dale Gas & Oil has some solutions to make this process a thing of the past. You can set them up now to ensure they’re in place before the heating season starts back up.

Let Us Track Your Fuel Levels for You

Obviously, no one wants to run out of propane for their home heating and appliances, but if you’re tracking your own fuel levels, then you could be one ill-timed distraction away from a sudden run-out.

Many of our customers avoid this by taking advantage of Autofill. With this program, we use your fuel usage and current weather conditions to calculate the level in your tank. When we determine that you’re going to run low soon, we arrange a delivery. No stress, no run-outs, and no additional cost to you!

Unsurprisingly, customers who use Autofill love it, but there’s an even more precise way to track your propane supply.

Get a Propane Tank Monitor Today

We can install a monitor onto your propane tank that provides up-to-the-minute readings on your fuel levels. Our wireless tank monitors connect to your Wi-Fi and transmit real-time data to you and to Dale Gas & Oil!

You will be able to check your tank’s status from the comfort of your home via a smartphone app. We’ll know exactly how much propane you have at any moment and can schedule your delivery precisely when you need it.

A wireless tank monitor is extremely helpful to landlords, too — no more trekking out to your income property to check the tank!

If you want to sign up for Autofill propane delivery or install a wireless tank monitor, we’re ready to help. Contact us today!