The Propane Tank Your Business Needs

Written on: September 25, 2023

Trust Dale Gas & Oil for your commercial propane services!

propane tanks Appleton, wi Since 1946, Dale Gas & Oil has been the trusted provider of commercial propane services for businesses in northeastern Wisconsin. Our unwavering commitment to trust and reliability has made us the preferred choice in the region.

We take great pride in offering reliable and customized commercial bulk propane services to our valued customers. With a strong emphasis on meeting your specific requirements, we ensure dependable delivery of bulk propane. Our storage facilities are ample, and our longstanding partnerships with suppliers guarantee a consistent propane supply to keep your business operating seamlessly.

When it comes to propane tanks for your business, Dale Gas & Oil is the trusted choice. We offer a wide selection of propane sizes and our knowledgeable team ensures you get the right tank size for your needs. With competitive rates, we provide expert installation and convenient propane tank leasing options. Trust Dale Gas & Oil for all your propane needs.

How is the propane tank size for my business determined?

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) serves as a crucial unit of measurement for quantifying fuel consumption. Propane companies depend on BTUs to assess the appliance load, which corresponds to its hourly propane usage. This metric plays a vital role in determining the ideal size of a propane tank for installation.
Equipped with this valuable information, we can accurately assess the ideal tank size that aligns perfectly with your business’s requirements. To determine the suitable tank capacity, we calculate the combined load of all your commercial appliances utilizing propane and divide that value by 91,500. This formula will provide an estimate of the hourly propane consumption for your appliances.

What are the sizes of commercial propane tanks?

Here are some common propane tank sizes and how they would be used in commercial and industrial applications.

33-pound tank: Tanks of this size are frequently employed to generate power for forklifts. They possess a capacity to store around 7.8 gallons of propane.

120-gallon tank: This size is ideal for dry cleaning businesses or any other enterprise that relies on propane for a limited number of cooking appliances.

500-gallon tank: A 500-gallon tank is an ideal choice for larger restaurants and commercial kitchens commonly found in event facilities, hotels, resorts, and golf courses. Additionally, laundromats and commercial laundries that utilize propane clothes dryers can greatly benefit from a tank of this size. Its capacity is perfectly suited to meet the demands of these establishments, ensuring efficient and reliable propane supply.

1,000-gallon tank: This tank size is extensively employed by industrial and agricultural enterprises because of its ability to accommodate high-BTU appliances such as large commercial boilers. It is a versatile solution that effectively caters to the requirements of these sectors, offering optimal efficiency and functionality.

2,000-gallon tank: These tanks are specifically designed for larger-scale industrial applications, catering to appliances and equipment that generate high BTU output. For a total BTU load of 1,000,000, the system will consume approximately 11 gallons of propane per hour. It’s important to note that this calculation is based on the BTU load at maximum capacity. Therefore, if all appliances are used for 10 hours per day at their maximum capacity, the propane consumption would amount to around 110 gallons per day. To accommodate such usage, it is recommended to have a storage capacity of 2,000 gallons or more.

With commercial propane services from Dale Gas & Oil, your business can be assured of always having the propane it needs when it needs it! Contact us today to learn more about our services.