Propane vs. Electricity

Written on: March 27, 2023

Why propane is the right choice for your home

gas vs electricity Appleton, wi Lately, a movement has been afoot to power homes exclusively with electricity instead of other sources. This would include switching to electricity for heating and water heating.

Despite the belief of those promoting this that all-electric homes are more eco-friendly, this is not exactly accurate and could detrimentally affect our finances and quality of life.

With dependable propane delivery from Dale Gas & Oil, you can enjoy the benefits of propane in your home! Let’s review some of the many advantages propane has over electricity.

Propane has better energy efficiency

Propane-powered appliances not only save you energy, but also money. For example, a propane water heater can heat your water more quickly and at a much lower cost than an electric one would. Furthermore, with the use of a propane clothes dryer you’ll be able to dry your laundry in 25% less time!

Propane is more environmentally friendly

The myth persists that electricity is “greener” than propane when, in fact, that is not the case. Power plants that use fossil fuels to generate electricity produce approximately half of the electricity in the United States. These power plants cause smog and acid rain while also being the second-leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the nation, with only transportation producing more. On the other hand, propane is much cleaner and more environmentally friendly because it creates no greenhouse gas emissions!

Propane eliminates energy waste

Most electricity that is generated at power plants is wasted because power lines are not very good at conducting it. For every unit of electricity that reaches your home from the power plant, three units of source energy have been used up. Propane tanks are right on your property, near where it will be used, so there virtually no loss of energy as it travels from the tank to your propane appliances.

Propane is better at heating

According to the Department of Energy, propane home heating is significantly more budget-friendly than electricity in recent years. Moreover, with a furnace powered by propane you will experience an even greater level of warmth since it heats air up to 140° Fahrenheit compared to electric furnaces that can only reach 98.6°! Trust us when we say you’ll feel the difference – and love it!

Propane offers superior comfort

If you’re considering a fireplace for your home, propane fireplaces have many compelling benefits over electric models. Propane flames create an alluringly realistic ambience that can’t be matched by electricity, and they also heat spaces faster while costing less to operate in the long run.

Propane is reliable

Propane is an incredibly dependable energy source that will never leave you stranded. Your power supply is right there on your property and you’re not at the complete mercy of an electric utility’s dubious infrastructure. Plus, with a propane whole-house standby generator, you can be sure both light and HVAC remain available during a power outage, making sure your home is safe and comfortable.

Propane appliances save you money

Investing in a propane furnace is an excellent option as they last 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. You will also save money since propane furnaces have fewer moving parts and cost less to maintain. To top it all off, switching your water heater to a propane one could mean saving $175 per year on average for your hot water costs!

Propane makes life better in your home

Propane appliances offer amenities beyond energy efficiency. With propane, you have the power to carefully craft your culinary creations, from simmering sauces and caramelizing onions to sauteeing meats. The precision of heat control ensures that each creation will come out perfectly every time! Propane tankless water heaters give you endless hot water on-demand. Furthermore, pool and spa heaters powered by propane are much swifter at heating than electric models, so you can jump into the pool or enjoy a relaxing soak that much sooner!

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