Propane Delivery in Waupaca County, WI

Dale Gas & Oil is the propane delivery company to count on!

For more than 75 years, Dale Gas & Oil has been providing homes and businesses in Northeast Wisconsin with dependable fuel delivery and service. Over the years, we’ve grown to provide personalized propane services that, combined with the friendly and responsive service that can only come from a local business, are unmatched.

NOTE: If you need an emergency propane delivery, please do not email us or contact us online. Call 920-779-1221 and speak with one of our local employees 24/7.

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Our services

Propane delivery. We get that our customers have different needs when it comes to managing their propane supply. That’s why we give you choices! Our Autofill automatic delivery option takes the work and worry away because our state-of-the-art software uses your propane usage history and current weather conditions to accurately gauge when you’ll need more propane and schedule a delivery. Want even more precision? We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring. We’ll know exactly, in real time, how much propane is in your tank and will be notified when you need a delivery. If you choose Will-Call and run low on, or out of, propane, we offer 24/7 emergency delivery service.

Propane tank installation and leasing. From helping you choose the right tank size for your home to expert installation, you’ll have easy and worry-free propane tank services. Our affordable propane tank leasing means you don’t have to worry about upfront purchase costs or any maintenance or repair costs. We take care of it all!

Easy switch to propane. Whether you’re becoming a new Dale Gas customer or converting your home to propane, we’ll help with every step of the process.

$10.88 propane cylinder refills. Propane cylinders are great for your backyard BBQ grill, but that’s just the beginning of what they can do! You can enjoy outdoor living with propane deck and patio heaters, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, insect traps and more! They’re also great for RVs and camping. You can get $10.88 cylinder refills during our regular business hours.

Commercial propane services. Propane is used in a variety of ways by local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, supper clubs, farms, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, construction sites and warehouses and distribution centers. We take care of all those businesses with customized services, including bulk propane delivery, propane tank installation and service and clean-burning propane autogas for municipal, school bus and commercial fleets.

Dale Gas & Oil is liked in Opalka County!

“Dale Gas & Oil has been taking care of my propane needs for over 35 years. They are always on time with delivery, pricing is competitive and the drivers and the people in the store are always friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dale Gas & Oil for any propane or other fuel needs.” – Mel N.

“A HUGE shout out to Dale Gas & Oil this morning. We have had a bit of a rough week at our house, then went to check our propane tank this morning to find out we were down to 4 percent. It’s totally our fault for not keeping on top of it, but sometimes life gets in the way. We went up to Dale Gas & Oil to fill my truck with fuel this morning and to see if we could get on the schedule for next week. Cody, Johnny’s son, apologized that no one was available today and expressed how much he wanted to help us out. About 30 minutes later, the Dale fuel truck pulled up into our driveway and is filling up our propane tank now. This is what living in a small town is all about. A big shout out to Dale Gas & Oil: Cody, Johnny and, of course, Chris who owns this wonderful place. THANK YOU for being such wonderful people and helping us out!” – Katie L.

propane delivery in opalka county

There’s a lot to love about Waupaca County!

Before the first European settlers arrived in what is now Waupaca County, the indigenous people, including the Menominee, lived there for thousands of years. The Menominee ceded the land to the U.S. in 1852.

The name Waupaca comes from the Menominee name for “Place of Tomorrow Seen Clearly.”

The region became largely agricultural with sawmills along local rivers and the railroads came along soon after, bringing crops and timber to market. Today, many folks come to Waupaca County to enjoy water activities such as boating, camping, fishing and more in the Chain O’ Lakes region and on the Crystal River.

Become a Dale Oil & Gas customer and get the most reliable propane delivery and service in Waupaca County!