The Benefits of Propane Water Heaters

Written on: October 12, 2021

propane water heaters

Get more comfort for less money!

Although they may not be the most visible pieces of home equipment, water heaters are one of the unsung heroes that keep us warm and comfortable.

They are often only noticed if something goes wrong.

If you’re looking to upgrade your water heater, propane is the best choice, because it provides more hot water faster than electric models. It also offers better energy efficiency so that you get an amazing end result that will cost less and save you money on your energy bills! Propane water heaters also take up less space, have more accurate temperature adjustment and offer more size and installation options.

You have two alternatives when it comes to propane water heaters—tank or tankless. No matter which kind you select, you can be confident in its quality and comfort.

Propane tankless water heaters

Propane tankless water heaters are the newest, most efficient way to provide hot water.

They will keep supplying you with hot water for as long as you need it, without the limit of a storage tank, so you never have to worry about running out.

And you’re only getting hot water when it’s needed. This can save up to 40% on your water-heating energy costs!

Propane tank water heaters

Tank water heaters store hot water for you to use throughout the day, meaning that you have access to hot water whenever it suits your needs.

Propane water heaters are advantageous over electric models, because they heat more water faster at 30% less cost. Again, more comfort for less money!
Propane water heaters cost on average 40% to 60% less to operate than electric water heaters.

With reliable propane delivery from Dale Gas & Oil, you can enjoy the efficiency and comfort of a propane tankless water heater. Become a customer today!