Time to Fuel Up the Farm!

Written on: April 24, 2023

Count on Dale Gas & Oil for your agricultural fuel needs

propane for farm Neenah, wi While some people think farming is primarily a warm-weather job, you know that it’s actually a 365-day-a-year career.

So many tasks around a farm require equipment, and, thus, fuel. Many of your fellow farmers here in northeast Wisconsin trust Dale Gas & Oil for their farm fuel needs. We provide reliable, customized delivery of propane, gasoline, and diesel fuels to farms of all kinds.

Propane on the farm

Propane’s versatility and energy efficiency make it a natural fit with agriculture. Here are some of the ways you can put propane to work on your farm.

Heating and water heating. Farm owners know that the successful running of barns, poultry houses, hog houses, dairy and greenhouses must depend on an efficient energy source, and none are more reliable than propane. By utilizing propane, farms can enjoy superior heating capabilities as well as hot water with remarkable efficiency.

Generators. The consequences of a prolonged power outage can be catastrophic to a farm. Fortunately, propane standby generators are there to provide protection by quickly restoring electricity when it fails. This keeps lighting and heating systems operating without interruption so that livestock remain secure. Additionally, greenhouses benefit from continued access to the necessary light and energy needed for their crops’ well-being.

Equipment and vehicles. Whether it’s powering emission-free irrigation systems or propane forklifts, this clean burning energy can be used to perform a variety of tasks on large and small farms alike – from transporting hay bales to transferring feed in outbuildings or barns!

Weed control. If not kept in check, invasive weeds can cause an alarming decrease in crop yield. Although chemical herbicides may seem like an easy solution to this problem, they are hazardous to your health and the environment while also risking the safety of everyone you employ.

Not only can herbicide treatments be costly, but it takes a considerable amount of time for you and your employees to re-enter the fields. Propane-powered flame weed control provides an efficient solution that swiftly eliminates weeds without risking exposure to hazardous chemicals, such as those that might seep into soil or groundwater.

Crop drying. Propane-powered crop dryers are not only cost effective and eco-friendly, but also deliver superior fuel efficiency. With more BTU power, crops can be dried quickly and efficiently while saving you money on propane costs. Upgrade to the latest in propane powered drying technology today!

On-site propane crop drying will not only provide higher yields and reduce the possibility of loss, but it is also more affordable. Don’t pay someone else to do something you can easily tackle yourself! By choosing on-site propane crop drying, you get exceptional results for a fraction of the cost.

Gasoline and diesel fuels in agriculture

Whether you need no-ethanol gasoline, or on-road and off-road diesel, Dale Gas & Oil is here for you with quality fuels.

We take your diesel fuel to the next level with Schaeffer’s superior additives. You get a higher cetane rate, more horsepower and mileage, plus long-term bacterial and moisture control. During the harsh winter months, Schaeffer’s Winter Premium additives provide exceptional flow and moisture control for optimal performance.

We provide customized bulk delivery and can set up on-site storage.

Lubricants for farm vehicles and equipment

If you have engines, you need lubricants. We deliver top-quality motor oil, diesel fuel additives, bar-and-chain oil, lubricants, and specialized motor oil.

Dale Gas & Oil is your complete agricultural fuels provider. Contact us today for a consultation!