What Are Racing Fuels?

Written on: February 27, 2023

Partner with Dale Gas & Oil for your racing team’s success!

racing fuel neenah, wi We’re coming up on another season of great auto racing here in Northeast Wisconsin! Is your racing team ready?

One way you need to prepare is by having your team’s fuel supply lined up. Dale Gas & Oil has been helping racing teams like yours get to the finish line first for decades with our comprehensive selection of racing fuels.

We offer reliability other racing fuels vendors cannot because we have solid, longstanding relationships with our suppliers. Our experience also gives us the knowledge that helps us ensure that you get the best fuel for your racing vehicles, which is why we carry top-quality racing fuels from Sunoco and Turbo Blue.

You can get Turbo Blue 110 Octane at the pump at our store, located at W9933 State Road 96 in Dale. We also offer a wide array of Sunoco racing fuels by the drum or 5-gallon bucket.

Why Racing Fuels Matter

Racing fuels are quite similar to the street fuel we use for our regular vehicles, albeit containing a higher octane level due to more additives. Street fuel typically has an Anti-Knock Index (AKI) ranging from 87 to 94, while racing fuels start at 95 AKI and run as high as 118 AKI.

These specially formulated racing fuels work in tandem with high-performance engines and may contain additional ingredients such as ethanol, methanol, or lead. Leaded gasoline was phased out for street vehicles from 1986 to 1996 due to the Clean Air Act. Nevertheless, it is still available for use in racing fuels and fuels for other engines, such as those used by aircrafts, some farm vehicles, and marine vessels.

If your racing vehicles have a catalytic converter or oxygen sensors, then unleaded fuel is an absolute must. Even when emissions control devices are not required, many regulating entities still require that gasoline be unleaded.

Ethanol, which is typically derived from corn-based biomass, can boost octane levels when blended with gas. However, due to its lower energy density in comparison to gasoline, your fuel will contain a reduced amount of energy notwithstanding the higher octane level. With a concentration of 10%, ethanol will combust similarly to street gasoline. However, as the amount increases, you must adjust fuel mixtures, or your engine may burn lean. By infusing more oxygen into fuel, it leads to increased combustion power for naturally aspirated engines. However, the downside is that this will drive up your fuel consumption due to having to burn off the extra oxygen.

Many kinds of racing have embraced methanol. Like ethanol, it is cleaner burning and enhances engine performance. Because methanol has a higher air/fuel ratio than gasoline, it decreases fuel economy. Additionally, methanol is highly corrosive and can break down fuel lines if left sitting.

With our years of experience and comprehensive, reliable supply of racing fuels, it’s no wonder that so many Northeast Wisconsin racing teams trust Dale Gas & Oil for their fuel needs! Contact us today to set up a consultation.