What Is Propane Autogas?

Written on: June 26, 2023

Discover how propane autogas is used

fleet fuel options Oskkosh, wi Did you know that there’s an alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel for your vehicle fleet? This choice is better for your vehicles, your finances, and the environment. That alternative is propane autogas!

Dale Gas & Oil provides propane autogas services to businesses, school districts, and municipalities in Northeast Wisconsin. Our services can help you efficiently use propane autogas and reduce fleet fueling expenses.

All about propane autogas

Autogas refers to propane used in vehicles instead of gasoline and diesel. It is gaining worldwide popularity as a more sustainable and cost-effective fuel option.

As of 2022, there were a total of 27 million vehicles worldwide that were using propane autogas.

Propane autogas has various applications such as powering school buses, municipal vehicles, farm tractors, delivery vans, and trucks, as well as commercial vans used by tradespeople including electricians, plumbers, painters, and carpenters.

It’s easy to access propane autogas filling stations in all states across America, which makes it a convenient environmentally friendly fuel source no matter where you are. Additionally, the process of filling vehicles with propane autogas is almost the same as filling them with gasoline or diesel.

The third most commonly used fuel for alternative fuel vehicles in the US is propane, accounting for almost 66% of these vehicles, based on information from the Alternative Fuels Data Center. As a result, there have been a number of recent improvements in vehicles that run on propane autogas.

Put autogas to work!

Here are some advantages that propane autogas can offer to your business, municipality, or school district.

Lower fuel costs – Using autogas can save you an average of 30 to 40% per mile traveled compared to gasoline. It is typically 30% less expensive than gasoline, but with recent fuel price hikes, switching to autogas is an even more beneficial option compared to diesel.

Lower operating costs than diesel – The cost of using diesel technology can increase because of the need to purchase, store, and replace diesel emissions fluid. In extremely cold weather, anti-gel fluids are necessary to avoid fuel filter or line blockages. Choosing propane autogas removes all these worries and expenses.

Lower cost of ownership – To meet emission standards, diesel vehicles are equipped with a diesel particulate filter that needs frequent cleaning. Unnecessary idling can lead to higher maintenance costs and overall expenses of ownership. In contrast, autogas engines produce no emissions, need less maintenance, and have a longer life expectancy than diesel or gasoline vehicles. Propane autogas is a cost-effective choice for managing a school district or municipality’s fleet of buses. It is a great way to maximize the use of taxpayer funds.

Is autogas a better option than electric vehicles?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A primary initiative in this agenda is transitioning to all-electric vehicles. Unfortunately, this is based on the erroneous belief that electricity is a “cleaner” fuel source.

Although a battery-powered electric car itself doesn’t produce any emissions, the power plant that generates the electricity used to charge those batteries probably does. Did you know that power plants fueled by coal or natural gas are responsible for about 60% of the nation’s electricity and are the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? They follow only transportation as the largest contributor to such pollution.

There are several obstacles that are hindering the transition to electric vehicles, including limited availability, insufficient charging infrastructure, high upfront costs, and limited driving range per charge.

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