What Is Propane and How Is It Used?

Written on: December 27, 2022

Learn more about this outstanding energy source!

gas appliances wisconsin Propane is a versatile fuel source that offers comfort and energy efficiency for Northeastern Wisconsin homes.

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If you don’t know much about propane, we have gathered some information to help expand your knowledge.

What is propane?

Propane’s full name is liquified petroleum gas (LPG). The chemical formula for propane is C₃H₈.

Edmund Ronalds, an English academic and industrial chemist, discovered propane while searching for volatile chemicals in light crude oil in Pennsylvania back in 1864. In 1910, Walter O. Snelling, an American chemist working for the US Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh did extensive research on gasoline evaporation and found that some evaporating gases could be transformed into liquids. Of all the gases, propane was the most readily available. Snelling’s method of bottling liquid gas eventually led to the establishment of the propane industry. He sold his patent for propane to Frank Philips, founder of Phillips Petroleum, three years later for $50,000. That would be equivalent to about $1.4 million today.

Because propane is naturally odorless, an odorant must be added during the production process. This additive is usually ethyl mercaptan, which gives the propane a smell that is commonly described as being like rotten eggs. and its purpose is to make leaks easier to identify.

If you smell that distinctive odor of propane in your home, follow propane safety best practices and get everyone out of the house immediately.

Propane: Versatile and efficient!

There are many benefits to using propane as your energy source in Northeastern Wisconsin. Propane is very efficient and has a clean burn, so you get more bang for your buck. Additionally, propane can be used in a variety of appliances that improve home comfort in various ways.

Heating. Propane is the best way to heat your home and keep you comfortable! Today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces and boilers boast efficiencies of up to 98%. This means that you will be saving money on heating costs.

Water heating. A propane water heater can not only heat water faster than an electric one, but also save you up to 30% on your water heating energy costs. If you upgrade to a tankless propane water heater, you might see even bigger savings!

Generators. A propane whole-house backup generator will allow you to feel safe and secure during a power outage. Your lights will stay on, as well as your home security system. You’ll also be able to keep food cold in your refrigerator and charge electronics or use medical equipment like CPAPs or electric wheelchairs.

Cooking. Propane ranges give you precise and instant temperature control, perfect for when you want to cook like a professional chef.

Space heating. A propane space heater means you can enjoy unheated spaces in your home that generally would go unused during colder months, such as three-season porches.

Clothes drying. With propane clothes dryers, laundry day is a cinch! Not only will your clothes be dried in 25% less time than an electric dryer, but the moist heat also decreases wear and diminishes wrinkles.

Fireplaces. By using a propane fireplace, you don’t have to put in the work of gathering wood or cleaning up ashes. All it takes is the push of a button to relax next to your new favorite source of warmth!

Outdoor living. Propane can turn your backyard into a destination. For example, propane pool and spa heaters make your water warmer much faster than electric models. In addition, deck and patio heaters as well as outdoor fireplaces and firepits allow you to stay comfortable during chilly evenings outside.

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