What is Renewable Propane?

Written on: December 27, 2021

Discover the latest advancement to fight climate change

climate change solutionsEnergy security has been a major topic in recent years. The propane industry is at the forefront of a search for energy sources that are more environmentally friendly.

Propane is already environmentally kind since it is produced in the United States and burns cleanly with incredibly low greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable propane, on the other hand, takes our commitment to sustainability a step further.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover more about renewable propane and what it may do for the Northeast Wisconsin environment, which we all care about and want to preserve.

How is renewable propane made?

Renewable propane is a byproduct of renewable diesel manufacturing. In development projects in the United States and Europe, propane has been manufactured from renewable resources such as biomass, animal fats, vegetable oils, and other triglycerides.

This method creates propane that is identical to the propane created in natural gas processing. Just like regular propane, renewable propane is safe, inexpensive, and reliable. Its carbon footprint is minuscule when compared to electricity.

What are the benefits of renewable propane?

Propane demand for residential usage is rapidly increasing. This trend will continue as the present real estate and construction boom continues. In the residential construction sector, utilizing propane appliances in new homes has been a growing practice. Propane gas is popular among homebuyers for its energy efficiency and amenities such as gas cooking, fireplaces, water heating, and more. Propane is replacing electricity as the heating source in homes.

By 2025, propane demand in the United States will reach more than 10 billion gallons each year. Renewable propane can meet that demand while also assuring a consistently reliable domestic energy source that is not dependent on foreign imports or aging, poorly maintained infrastructure.

Renewable propane can easily be used by homes and businesses right here in Northeast Wisconsin. This use of renewable propane will allow us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our region.

Renewable propane has other benefits, especially for businesses.

Ultra-low-nitrogen-oxide engines are already compatible with cutting-edge technologies. These and other developments will provide significant environmental and public-health benefits, particularly in transportation and stationary engines used in agriculture.

Renewable propane is chemically identical to propane and can be combined with it and used in equipment and vehicles that run on propane as well as cars powered by propane autogas. Businesses benefit from significantly reduced air pollutants and diesel particulate matter. These diminished particles may also help to keep your engines and equipment in excellent shape, which will result in fewer maintenance and repair requirements. That’s beneficial for the bottom line as well as the environment!

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