When Is a Good Time to Convert to Propane?

Written on: May 22, 2023

Enjoy comfort and energy efficiency with propane services from Dale Gas & Oil!

propane conversion Menasha, wi Has opening your monthly electric bill become a cause of fear and dread? If so, it’s time for a better alternative for energy in your home!

Converting your home to propane offers energy efficiency that can lower your home’s energy costs while adding amenities. You get both without sacrificing one smidgen of comfort!

Dale Gas & Oil provides propane conversion services, as well as dependable propane delivery, and options for leasing and installing propane tanks. We offer pricing and payment choices to help you manage your energy costs.

How would propane benefit my home?

Using propane instead of electricity for your home’s major appliances can help you save money on energy costs. Here are some examples.

Switching from electricity to propane for water heating can reduce your water heating energy costs by almost 40%, which is significant since water heating makes up nearly 20% of your home’s energy expenditures.

Using a propane clothes dryer can save you money as it dries your laundry 25% faster than electric models. Additionally, the moister heat in propane dryers results in fewer wrinkles in your clothes, which means you may not have to use your iron as often, leading to further reducing of energy usage.

Cooking with a propane gas range offers you many benefits, including precise and immediate temperature control. This feature helps you cook high-quality meals efficiently.

A propane whole-house standby generator can offer security and convenience to your home during a power outage. It keeps your lights on, the security system running, maintains a safe temperature in your refrigerator and freezer, runs your HVAC system, charges your electronic devices, and operates essential medical equipment such as home dialysis, CPAPs, and electric wheelchairs.

Propane has many benefits for outdoor activities. Using propane pool and spa heaters can warm up your water much more quickly than electric models, which can lower your energy expenses. Additionally, you can utilize propane to run grills, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and insect traps. With our $10.88 propane cylinder refills, Dale Gas & Oil makes it easy to always have propane for grilling and other outdoor fun!

How do you convert your home to propane?

At Dale Gas & Oil, we understand that every customer has specific requirements for their propane usage in their home. We will discuss your objectives for switching to propane and create a plan that satisfies those requirements and fits your budget.

The first step is selecting your propane tank . We will go over how you plan to use propane in your home and choose the right size propane tank that will meet those needs. We only install new propane tanks, all constructed to the highest standards for safety and quality. Our affordable propane tank leasing makes having propane in your home work-free and worry-free because we handle all maintenance and repairs.

With our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring, you can be assured that you’ll always have propane in your home with no work or worry on your part!

Dale Gas & Oil is Northeastern Wisconsin’s leader for reliable, expert propane services. Become a customer today!