Winter Weather Propane Safety Tips

Written on: February 23, 2022

Ensuring Your Home Stays Warm and Safe When a Winter Storm Hits

propane delivery wisconsinWinter can bring many lovely things, from happy snowmen to a perfect family photo. But let’s be honest: winter in northeast Wisconsin can also be intense!

You are already one step ahead of winter if you have a propane tank for your home heating and appliances. You have a dedicated supply of heat and hot water that won’t be affected by a power outage or a broken natural gas line.

Additionally, propane is one of the safest home energy options out there. It’s non-flammable in its liquid form and non-toxic in case of a leak. Even so, you and your family should practice propane safety, especially if a winter storm is rolling in.

Here are four things you can do to protect your propane system before, during and after a snowfall.

Mark Your Tank and Equipment in Advance

It might be easy to locate your propane tank, regulators, meter, piping and supply valves when there’s no snow on the ground, but this becomes more challenging when a significant storm hits. No homeowner wants to dig blindly through multiple feet of snow to find their heating fuel supply.

Before a winter storm strikes, mark all your critical propane equipment with brightly colored flags.

Ensure That You Have Enough Propane

There’s no worse time for a propane run-out than during a snowstorm. Dale’s Gas & Oil encourages customers to take advantage of our no-fee Autofill automatic-delivery plan. We track your fuel level based on historic propane usage and current weather conditions and schedule deliveries when we estimate that your tank is low.

But there is an even more precise option: a wireless propane tank monitor. With this device, both you and Dale’s know exactly how much propane you have. This will ensure you have the fuel you need when you need it most!

Have an Emergency Plan and the Communications Ready

Talk to your family about what to do if there is a propane leak. This is essential information year-round. It’s also critical to prominently post contact information for emergency services and your local propane supplier, as well as clear instructions on how to turn off your propane.

Make sure your home can receive and send communications, even when the power is out. This includes:

Inspect Cautiously and Call the Professionals

Once the storm has passed, you should carefully take stock of any hazards, such as:

If it’s dark, use a flashlight as opposed to candles. An open flame could be dangerous if there is a gas leak. If there are hazardous conditions at your home, contact a professional service technician from your local utility company, fire department or propane supplier.

Dale’s Gas & Oil has kept homes warm and comfortable in the Badger State for 75 years — we would love to do the same for your family! Become a customer today.